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Dakhla Attitude has a great food & beverage offer waiting for you. One restaurant and two bars cover all your needs during the day and night also!


The Dakhla Attitude restaurant offers a large choice of Moroccan and international cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a large variety of dishes and our quality is known overseas. From the feedbacks we have, the food is one of the main factors why our guests always repeat their vacations with us.

The restaurant works in two different ways, on the daily menu and "a la carte".

The hotel guests can go to the restaurant and have breakfast from 8 till 10AM, lunch from 1 till 3PM and dinner from 8 till 10PM.

Our daily menu

The daily menu consists of a starter, main course and dessert that fulfills the biological needs of active persons that are here to practice an extreme sport for many hours during the day and has a different menu for each day, that repeats every 15 days and is what the majority of our guests eats because our accommodation packages include all meals.

During the week you will have several kinds and ways of cooked fish, tajines, camel couscous, chicken, paella, etc.. Special menus for vegetarians or for medical reasons can be provided if they are asked for in advance.

Water is provided for free during breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have set up a reverse osmosis treatment plant in the hotel to provide perfectly clean and drinking suitable water to our clients.


We also have the possibility of order "a la carte" for our clients passing by and for our guests that want to try something even more delicious than the normal buffet.

There is a big range of local dishes, starting with the local oysters, royal fried, lobster, fish in the oven, grilled fish, moroccan salads, our tajines, etc. To order "a la carte" you need to ask for it the day before because we only use fresh ingredients to assure quality.

Pink Flamingo Bar

The Pink Flamingo Bar assures the nightlife in Dakhla. Guests from other hotels in Dakhla often comme over to have a drink, dance and enjoy the nice bar we have set up.

This place has a dance floor, DJ table, disco lights, lots of space, ping pong, snooker, darts and more games. Here you won't be bored!

Beach Bar

With the Beach Bar we assure that you have everything you need while doing sports, after a swim or only taking some sun. Come out from a session and try one of our special fresh fruit juices, you will love it! Grab a beer and watch your friends in action while protected from the wind, or even sleep a bit in one of our hammacks...


For security reasons food and beverage brought from town or abroad can NOT be brought into the hotel, special emphasis on this for alcoholic beverages. If there is a need for special food this has to be requested at the reception. Not following this indication may lead to ask the client for early departure.

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