Between the desert and the ocean, Dakhla Attitude is the perfect place for all kinds of emotions. At the extreme south of Morocco, there is an unspoiled lagoon surrounded by nature.

Dakhla, a small Moroccan city 1500 km South from Casablanca, is situated at the gold peninsula on the Atlantic coast.

Dakhla Attitude Hotel is the paradise for nautical activities, seafood tasting and desert excursions. The "Pointe du Dragon", a dune in front of the water facing the Dragon Island, is one of the most beautiful kitesurf and windsurf spots in the world.

How to get here

By airplane

There is an airport in Dakhla that operates flights to Agadir, Casablanca and the Canary Islands. Royal Air Maroc guarantees five flights a week from Casablanca to Dakhla (two-way flights Casablanca/Dakhla every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
On the way back through Casablanca, normally you must spend one night there to catch a plane early morning or afternoon.

By car

From the north of Morocco, you go southward towards Agadir. Then, you go in the direction of the Great South towards Laayoune, then you will get to Dakhla (1200 km from Agadir, 1800km from Casablanca). Not much place to get lost!

By bus

The Moroccan transport company - CTM - guarantees daily roundtrips between Dakhla and Agadir (Euro 70), and between Dakhla and Marrakech (Euro 80).

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