Other activities

Dakhla Attitude is not only about kitesurfing or windsurfing. We have a lot of other activities that our guests can do.

Whether experiencing a bit of the desert by car (4x4) or scouting the lagoon by boat, you will always have something fun and new to do besides reading a book in our relaxing environment completely away from big cities stress.

If you want to do an activity related to sports or water ask for it on the sport center, for all the others just go to the hotel reception.

4x4 Trips

North Coast Tour

Dakhla is most known for its huge lagoon but we cannot forget about the beautiful atlantic coast on the other side of the peninsula where fishermen spend their days and surfers wait for the perfect waves.
We will take you on a 4x4 tour by the coast with a local guide that will take you for around 3h to visit the beaches, driving down the cost on the sand, dunes and rocks.

Visit one of our Spots

As you can see under Our Spots menu, there is a very wide choice of places to visit by car, whether it is for walking around and know the place or to go and have a sport session.

The hotel provides you with 4x4s that can take you to all of those spots, you just need to book in advance and gather some friends to go along and share the cost.

On the way back, ask the driver to stop at the thermal source, where you can take a really warm bath with naturally pressured sulfur water (good for the skin) that comes directly from the desert ground.

Fish on the Atlantic

In the middle of the western sahara desert and very close to the sea, Dakhla depends a lot on fishing and you can find the best fresh fish.

If you like fishing and want to adventure yourself with one of our local fishermen, we can provide that and you will go with him to the beach to try your luck!

Lagoon activities

Wakeboard Boat

The hotel has a boat for wakeboard with tower allowing you to do bigger jumps and more difficult manoeuvres. Image a day with no wind in the moornig, a glassy lagoon and you and your friends jumping behind the boat... sounds good!

For the ones that like going crazy out of control behind the boat we also have the "crazy buoy" that can carry up to 4 persons and will test your limits as well as your laughs.


SUP means Stand Up Paddle and is the latest sport invented. Have you seen someone in the water standing on a big surfboard with a paddle, well that's it. Instead of being lied down like the common surfers, these boards allow you to be always standing and paddle around.

You can use the SUP to paddle in the lagoon, making exercise and visiting at the same time, or you can take it to one of the wave spots and go for some more serious action.


The center has single and double kayaks available for guests to rent and paddle around the lagoon. This is a very good way to explore the Dragon Island keeping your body in shape at the same time. 


There are 5 Hobie Cat catamarans available to go for a ride or to rent. When the wind is not too strong, this is for sure the best option to visit the lagoon around the hotel. 

If you are certified, don't forget to bring your license, rent one catamaran and enjoy the fresh breeze. If you don't know how to sail, you can always go for a ride with an instructor.

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