Sport center

Dakhla Attitude's sport center is the most well positioned center in the Dakhla lagoon. In front of the widest and shallowest rideable area, our clients have all the space they can wish for to have safe and fun sessions among friends.

All activities and trips regarding sports are booked and managed by the sport center.

The center reception is opened from 9h to 18h and is managed by our partners - RihFly-Dakhla.

Facilities and Staff

The sport center is a big warehouse with two big areas (windsurf and kitesurf), one surf shop with kites, boards and accessories, dressing rooms, water tanks to clean equipment, compressor, tools, etc.

All monitors are certified to give classes and have what it takes to make sure that you will end your trip riding in the best possible way!

RIHFLY DAKHLA SERVICES: Security, Storage and Assistance

One of the most important services the sport center provides for free is the security and assistance. During the opening time there is always the security monitor that has an eye on you and can help with the boat/jetski in case of emergency.

Out of the water we have assistants for launching and landing kites, helping with windsurfing gear and general assistance.

Side by side with the center, we set up a big storage warehouse with individual locker rooms for our client's material. All clients that bring their own material will be charged for storage and security despite having used it or not, with no exceptions.

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